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About Me

I am just beginning a mosaic journey.


I recently moved to New Hampshire and getting my feet on the ground and workshop organized.


I began the trip in Africa and brought it home with me.


My mosaics are are based on the ornamentation of items used in everyday life (table tops, mirrors, trays, etc.). The mosaics are put together with found objects giving these pieces a second life and perspective, even if it is only to the memory of the user.


I have integrated jewelry and other objects of meaning.


I want my work to amuse the user with memories or a fun new way to see an object.


I am inspired by art deco lines and the spacial placement of detailed pieces that construct the whole.




Mixed Media




All pieces for sale are in League of NH Craftsmen Stores.

Care about what you do, create where you can, and improve your world. Find the joy in the little things, like finding the perfect piece to fit in the puzzle of your next masterpiece. Love each other and create a world you can be proud to live in. 

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